Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lexi's crawling!!

So...our little Lexi has been trying and trying sooo hard to crawl these last few weeks! And, well....yesterday she succeeded and took her first real 'steps' (crawls) forward! CRAZY! its so exciting and scary all the same!! i'm so not ready for both these girls to be on the go! holy out! Lex is quite rambunctious(how do you spell that?) i know i'm in for it with her! And Kate...she's going about things at her own pace, but am sure she'll just up and go one of these days very soon! And, Kate unfortunately now has the bug Lexi had last week we think :-(. She's running a fever, congested and just feeling yucky. you can even see it in the pics i just posted from yesterday...poor baby.

anyway....stay tuned for pictures of my little Lexi crawling like champ!